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Children should be allowed to love both parents and feel loved by both parents to ensure happy well adjusted lives.  It is of the utmost importance for both parents to encourage a relationship between the children and the other parent. Standing together as parents is important in a marriage.  It is even more important in cases of divorce, separation or turmoil and is a sign of great parenting.

That is why we support Co-operative shared parenting which refers to a post separation parenting arrangement that attempts to approximate the parent-child relationships in the original two parent home. In this arrangement both parents not only have equal rights with respect to their children's welfare and upbringing, but also active responsibilities within the daily routines of their children's care and development. We believe that Co-operative shared parenting can be made possible not only when parents have accepted the termination of their marital relationship, but can keep separate the issues of their previous marital conflict from their continued parental responsibilities. 


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